To create this list, navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists 
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Click the List Templates tab.
  4. In the Template Category drop-down, select Gradebook.
  5. Click View/Copy for Gradebook Cumulative Grade by Marking Period.
  6. Within Select Objects expand Advisory Group mark Advisory Enrollment select User Base. User Id in the Popup
  7. Select Advisory Group, Advisory Term in the pop up Select Advisory Group.Term ID click Select, and Advisory Base
  8. Add Advisory Faculty and when the pop-up appears select Advisory Group.Group ID = Advisory Faculty.Group ID, click Select
  9. Select Display Fields 
  10. Click Select Fields
  11. Expand Gradebook Marking Period > Gradebook Cumulative > Course Enrollment > User Base > Advisory Enrollment > Advisory Group > Advisory Faculty User ID
  12. In the Filters tab, edit the Condition for Gradebook Marking Period.Marking Period.
  13. In the Condition popup, input the exact name of the marking period you want to pull in (such as S1, Q1, Semester 1 etc)
  14. Under Global Filters click + add the following Filter
  15. Advisory Term.School Year any of and the year you are in such as 2017- 2018
  16. Give your list a name.
  17. Click Save
  18. Click Preview to preview the list's results
Note: If you want to filter for a specific Advisor you can do this by Faculty User Id, to do this, within Global Filters add:
Advisory Faculty.Faculty User Id is equal to and the Faculties User Id such as 123456