This issue can occur when constituent records or associated gift records are mis-linked or the linking is corrupt due to action taken on the Raiser's Edge or Luminate record. Examples of how data can get into this state:
  • A record in The Raiser's Edge was merged or deleted before downloading a new gift from Luminate Online for that donor
  • Raiser's Edge was restored to a backup while gifts and constituent updates were left unprocessed in the plugin
  • The record was marked in Luminate Online as removed

Best practice in the RELO integration is to ensure all transactions have been fully processed from RELO before merging or inactivating records in Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online. To ensure Luminate donor participant centers remain active and the donor can log into their page please ensure the most recent Luminate record with an active Luminate username remains the primary or master record during the RELO or Rasier's Edge merge.

If the constituent was deleted in The Raiser's Edge, causing it to be (Removed) in Luminate Online (i.e., there are no other Active records for the donor):
  1. Follow this solution on how to reactive constituents in Luminate Online
  2. Reach out to Luminate Online support for assistance with this task, which usually takes 24 hours for the record to be reinstated
NOTE: TeamRaiser functionality requires unique registration information for each participant. If duplicate records are created in Luminate with unique registration entries for the same event the secondary registration will be converted to an additional donation in Luminate.