We are not able to add recognition credits to the membership portion of a transaction through a membership dues batch or on any back office membership payment. If the constituent has pre-existing recognition credits configured on their constituent record under the recognition tab those recognition credits would be applied once the payment is completed. You can configure those recognition credit settings on the constituent record before hand to have them apply

Configure recognition credits on a constituent record:

1. Click Constituents > Constituent Search 
2. Search for and select the Constituent
3. Click on the Revenue tab on the record > then click on the Recognition tab
4. Click the add button next to "Recognition credits from CONSTITUENT NAME" or "Recognition credits to CONSTITUENT NAME" to apply recognition credits from and to the constituent respectively

User-added image

5. On the Add recognition default screen choose the constituent, start date of the credit, end date of the credit, and recognition credit type

User-added image

6. Click Save

If you need to add recognition credits to the payment after the payment has already been completed you can use these steps