To set this navigate to:
  1. In Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Contracts > Manage contract forms.
  2. Click Edit next to the Contract.
  3. Select the Tab for the Payment Options.
  4. Click Block Settings.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the panel and mark the checkbox for "Give payers the option to pay deposit & enrollment fees in school."
  6. Enter the In-school payment instruction text. (How do you want the parents to get their deposit to the school?)
  7. Click Save.
If a payer opts to use the in-school payment method, enrollment managers can see this selection when editing the contract from the student contract page. This will also appear as Pending Payment while Processing Contracts via Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Process contracts.

The Contract will be Accepted once your School clicks the Editing Pencil for Deposit and fills out the fields such as:
  • Deposit received date
  • Deposit received amount
  • Payer name
  • Notes
Once filled out, click Accept on the Contract. It is best to leave the Contract in Process Contracts until payment has been made so you know which users have still yet to pay and have a record of it.
Note: If the deposit payment was made for a Smart Integrated Contract, this information does not get updated in Smart Tuition. Families will still need to have the fee manually added, and the in-school payment marked as payed if you would like the Deposit to be reflected on their account in Smart Tuition. Additionally, you will also still need to use the 'Complete Enrollment' option to bring these families from 'Pending Families' to active.
ReEnollment Managers can allow a parent to pay a contract deposit fee via check. The following steps mark the contract as returned and the deposit paid for:
Warning: The following steps are for non-integrated contracts only. Contracts integrated with Smart Tuition will not allow a parent to submit and enroll in Smart Tuition if the below steps are used.
  1. Have the parent fill out the contract as far as they can without submitting a payment.
  2. As a ReEnollment Manager, go to Enrollment Management > People Finder and look up the student/candidate.
  3. Select the Contracts tab.
  4. Edit the contract.
  5. Enter the  Deposit Received Date, and Deposit Received Amount.
  6. Click Save
  7. Have the parent review the contract again and submit
  8. Note: You can alternatively fill in the Date Returned field, which will mark the contract as returned, however the contract will then not show up on the To Process screen and the parents will not be able to see it on their Files & Forms. It's best to have it submitted by the Parent.