What are Bookkeeping Plans?

Bookkeeping plans are payment plan installments available for internal record keeping.These accounts have no online parent portal or parent contact center, no web, phone, or mobile app payments can be processed through SMART Tuition, and there is no follow up. 

1. Hover over the Enrollment tab and click on Add a New Family from the drop down list. 

2. From the Add a New Family page, enter all required information:   
a) Who will be paying your tuition 
b) Who is the student/students attending
c) How and When Will You Pay. Ensure Bookkeeping plan is elected. 
d) Additional Settings (if any)

3.  Click on the agreement box. 

4.  Click on the green box:  Register Family

5. Once registered, you will find this family in your Pending Folder.  

Steps to Duplicate


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