Upsells are intended to offer a product with the event registration and it's assumed that the product is separate from the rest of their fundraising efforts. To include the amount of their Upsell in fundraising progress, you'll need to delete the amount of the Upsell and then create an offline gift in the same amount of the Upsell to show the fundraising progress.
  1. Select Constituent360 > Constituents
  2. Search for the constituent that bought the upsell
  3. Click View
  4. Select the Transactions tab
  5. Find the transaction where they purchased the Upsell and click Refund
  6. Make the selections to refund the Upsell amount
  7. Under the refund method, mark "No, the donor has already been reimbursed or will be reimbursed offline. Just record the refund in the Luminate Online database."
  8. Click Submit
Now that the amount of the Upsell has been removed, you can record an offline gift for the TeamRaiser participant in the same amount of the Upsell so that will appear in their fundraising progress.