Families may use their bank's online bill-pay service to make payments to Smart Tuition. Some banks may be sending  paper checks to Smart Tuition instead of an electronic transfer of funds. Families must contact their bank to determine how the payments are submitted.

Online bill-pay payments that are mailed to Smart will take longer to be receive and to be processed. The banks may be waiting to mail online payments in bulk or there may be a delay in the postal service.

Families must include the following when setting up their online bill payment to Smart Tuition:

  1. The correct payment amount due
  2. Their Smart Family ID for the current school year - full 13 digits
  3. Allow ample time for their bank's processing of a paper check and mailing (7-10 business days prior to the due date)

If the Smart Family ID is not on the check, we will try to determine which account it belongs. In some cases, we will deposit the check without applying it to the account. When the family notices the check was cashed but not applied, then we will need a copy of the front and back of the check to research the payment. The copies can be submitted through Case Central.