I set my presale in the future but tickets are on sale now

While working in Altru you may notice that the member presale is setup for a future date but patrons are able to purchase tickets online right now
This issue has been resolved in version 5.10. All sites have been updated in July 2018. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken. 

Steps to Duplicate

Add a preregistered program
  1. Click Tickets > Add a scheduled program
  2. Give the program a name > add a price type > add a location 
  3. Mark requires registration
  4. Click save
Add a Program Event
  1. Click On the Event List tab > Click add
  2. Add a date and time that is in the future. For best results go about 10 days in the future
  3. Click save
Add the Member pre-sale and adjust the on-sale period
  1. Click on the event list tab > click the arrow next to the program event > click edit
  2. Under On-sale information adjust the dates on the sales method to be the date of the program event
  3. Click on the Pre-sale tab and add a value greater than 0 in the number of tickets available for pre-sale section
  4. Under Pre-sale Information click on Online sales > click edit
  5. Add a membership program and set the pre-sale date to today's date and 4 hours in the future
  6. Click save
Access Event Registration Form
  1. Click Web > Manage Event registration Forms
  2. Search for your program in the list and click the green chevron next to the program event
  3. click approve selected events for website
  4. Click the chevron next to the program event > click on the URL


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