Action Summary column is not exported from Action List

When exporting from RE NXT Lists or Action section, the Action Summary column is not included in the exported file.
When exporting from an Action Record or an Action List, the Action Summary will export the separate fields as their own column.  Action type and Action Date will be separate columns in the CSV file that is exported.  

Currently it is not possible to export the Action Notes.  This is a limitation of the current design.  

NOTE: The Constituent Summary on an Action List also contains multiple fields for the Address and contact information. This information does not export to the CSV file either.  Only the Constituent name and ID will export from the Constituent Summary.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to NXT
2. Go to Lists>Actions
3. New List
4. Filter on any value to get a list to populate
5. Click Export button in upper left corner
6. Select the Export link in lower right corner
7. Save the file as a CSV

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