Unable to link organization to donation in the NetCommunity plugin of Raiser's Edge

When attempting to process donations in the NetCommunity plugin of Raiser's Edge, the section to link to link to an organization may not display although the constituent's record is linked to the organization.

I can't find an organization when trying to link a constituent to a transaction. Why don't organizations show up in the search results?

Why is the Organization Linking section missing.
In the Constituent Linking section of the NetCommunity plug-in, only Individual records can be linked there. If the form is set up to allow transactions on behalf of a corporation, then you'll see two distinct sections to link the transaction to:
User-added imageConstituent Linking links to individual records only.

If Organization Linking is present, then the donor checked off "This donation is on behalf of a company." This section can only be linked to an organization record.

Some common scenarios that can arise:
  • An individual donor marks the "This donation is on behalf of a company", but the donation is still really from them.
  • A company is making a gift, but enters their information like an individual. (For example, referring to the screenshot, the donor enters a First Name of Sample and a Last Name of Company.)
  • An individual donor makes the gift, but it really needs to be from a company.
  • Other instances when the donor or company does not enter the information right on the form, and you need to correct it.

There are several ways to process these gifts when something like a scenario above happens:

This method is optimal as all of the NetCommunity transaction data is retained and it moves everything to The Raiser's Edge where it can be reviewed more easily:
  1. Create a new constituent record for the Constituent and/or the Organization.
  2. Download the transaction to Raiser's Edge Batch (Tip: Note the batch number!)
  3. Complete the downloads and close the NetCommunity plug-in
  4. Navigate to Batch in The Raiser's Edge
  5. Open the batch using batch number noted in step 2
  6. Locate the row in batch of the incorrect gift
  7. Click in the constituent Name field
  8. Click the binoculars
  9. Search for the correct constituent
  10. Double click on the correct in the results to replace them in the batch
  11. Click Save to save the update
  12. Proceed with the batch review and commit
  13. After the batch commit, don't forget to visit Records > Constituents in The Raiser's Edge. Be sure to review any changes between the correct constituent and the newly created constituent record(s) to update the existing one accordingly. Once done, delete the newly created constituent record(s) so your records aren't duplicated.

  1. Export transactions from the NetCommunity Plugin (Note: Not all fields will be included, such as Comments.)
  2. Delete the donation from the plugin
  3. Manually enter the donation in The Raiser's Edge
  1. Download the records as they are
  2. Add soft credits to the other needed constituents

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to the NetCommunity tab of The Raiser's Edge
  2. Click Donations
  3. Highlight constituent linked to organization
  4. Under Record Linking there is no section for Organization Linking

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