Bank Failed Fees are charged to families accounts when auto payments or payments parents processes fails. 

Some examples are, but not limited to:
  1. A check sent by a parent bounces due to insufficient funds or other bank reasons. 
  2. An auto payment from a checking or savings account fails. 
  3. A payment a parent processed either online or over the phone using their checking or savings account fails for various reasons.
  4. A payment from a checking or savings account that was previously successful was reversed by the parent's bank due to the parent request.
  5. A payment via a check or auto draft that was in process was stopped by the bank due to the parent's request. 

These bank failed fee charges are fees that cannot be waived by Blackbaud Smart Tuition as these are valid bank fees that the parents are responsible for paying. 

The school is not charged this bank failed fee, however, if the school wishes to have these fees removed from the families accounts, then the school has the option to absorb these bank failed fees on behalf of the families by creating a new discount and applying the discount to the family account. It is recommended to use a consistent name for the discount, such as "School Absorbs Fee"