Error drive letter npo found fims is not a valid install directory. Install failed. when upgrading using the setup.exe

When upgrading FIMS using the setup.exe, the error Error: (drive letter)\npo\found\fims is not a valid install directory. Install failed. occurs. This occurs when re-installing after having previously used the Remove option to un-install FIMS.
This occurs because during the removal process the 'FIMSVER.I' file located in npo\found\FIMS is deleted when using the Remove option of the setup.exe and has to be replaced. If there is a copy of this file in a backup folder that has the same version of FIMS that is currently being used on before upgrading, that file can be placed in npo\found\FIMS. Upon replacing that file back into npo\found\FIMS the error no longer occurs.

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release or patch.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Remove FIMs using the Remove option of the FIMS setup.exe due to the install not working correctly the first time.

2. Re-run the setup.exe and see the error occur.



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