You have Selected a Database which is not in the List of Databases to be Upgraded. Please Try Again. when Upgrading FIMS Using the Setup.exe

When upgrading FIMS using the setup.exe the message 'You have Selected a Database which is not in the List of Databases to be Upgraded. Please Try Again ' occurs.
This message occurs if the database to be upgraded is not running. The upgrade process builds a list of all databases from the ini that can be successfully connected to. If the database is not running, the upgrade will not detect the database and the message will occur.

This can also occur is there is an issue with the database that causes the upgrader to not be able to see it. To determine if the upgrader identified an issue with the database, review the following logs that the upgrader creates. They are located in npo\found\fims:


If you have reviewed the logs above and see no issues as to why the database was skipped, then to resolve this issue, do the following:

1. Open cmd.exe. being sure to run as an administrator
2. Type in the following: (note, change the ini to something that does work with proper n: paths in the database section) and run all as separate commands:

set dlc=n:\dlc

%dlc%\bin\probkup n:\found\dbfiles\found n:\found\dbfiles\found-20180601.bkp

cd /d n:\found\fims

%DLC%\bin\prowin32.exe -p tools\FimsInstallCompile.p -assemblies ..\assemblies -ini ..\configfiles\FIMSNT.INI -s 2560 -inp 32000 -param nodbbackup

Note that the new files that were installed during the 1st portion of the upgrade which is the FIMS application upgrade will still be there, so there is no need to re-run the upgrade from the beginning for this issue. These commands are finishing the 2nd part of the upgrade, which is to upgrade the database itself.




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