If an application is still in the Open status, any changes must be made by the parent applicant since the application has not yet been submitted.

If an application has been submitted and is in the Submitted, Documents Received, On Hold, In Progress, or Verified statuses, changes can be made by the parent or the school.

If the family wants to make the change after the application has been submitted:
1.  The family may submit a written request via email to support@smartaidforparents.com to request a change be made to the application after it has been submitted.  The family is not allowed to make manual changes once the application is submitted.

If the school wants to make changes after the application has been submitted:
1.  From the Manage Families page, click on the name of the family in blue in the Family Name column.
2.  From the Family Details landing page, hover over the blue tab on the left side of your screen and click Application Details.
3.  From Application Details, the school may make changes to any of the available field down the left columns "School Changes."  Please note - any changes the school makes here will be the overriding number used in the calculation.
4.  If the school wishes to make a change to an application field that is not listed here, they must direct the family to submit a written request via support@smartaidforparents.com.