Before sending award letters in Smart Aid, the school must first create at least one budget, run the budget, enter financial aid awards, lock students, and finalize the budget.  Once these steps are complete:

Create an award letter template by:
  1. Hover over Awards tab and click on Award Letters.
  2. Click on blue Upload School Logo button in the upper right, and follow the directions to upload your school logo to the system.
  3. Click on green Create New Award Letter button in the upper right.
  4. Enter text for Template Name and Subject.
  5. The school may use the existing placeholder text, or that may all be deleted and the school may create a brand new letter.
  6. When creating the letter, use the merge fields in the left column to bring in the fields you want to specify.
  7. Click the green Save button in the upper left, above the merge fields.

To send the letter:
  1. Click the arrow/run button in the upper left, above the merge fields.
  2. In the pop-up window, select the budget that you would like to connect the letter and award with.
  3. In the pop-up window, choose to send the letter Electronic or Printed.
  4. If choosing Printed:
    1. Click Preview
    2. If you like the letter, click OK and the printed PDF version will be created and available in the list below the template.
    3. To view and print the letters click the green view button on the far right.
  5. If choosing Electronic:
    1. Determine if you would like to send the letter now, or schedule it for later.  If choosing to schedule, enter the appropriate date.
    2. Check the box if you would like the applicant family's online account to be noted that the letter was sent and when (advised).
    3. Click Preview, if you like how it looks click OK - PLEASE NOTE BY CLICKING OK YOU WILL SEND THE LETTER.  If you want to make changes to the template click Cancel.
    4.  A green pop up will appear in the lower right corner of the screen indicating the successful send.

The school can view a cumulative list of all award letters sent in Award Letter History located on the award letter home page, or beneath the award letter template.

Letters will only be created for students who have an amount awarded.  Students and families with no dollars awarded will not receive a letter. Parents MUST login to to view the letter. 

If the school changes the awards within the budget, finalizes again, and sends letters again, the letters will go out to all families including those who have already received a letter.  To make awards and send letters in several batches, Smart Aid recommends creating multiple budgets for each school year.