The Year End Statements report paid tuition and fees on a calendar year basis. Families request the Year End Statements for tax reporting purposes.The Year End Statements (YES) are usually available mid to late January for the prior calendar year.  If the report is downloaded too early, it may not include all payments.

Families now have access to download their YES online at

Schools can also download the document:
  1. Click on the Reports menu
  2. On the bottom right, under Statement, click on Year End Statement(One)
  3. Click on either Student Based or Family Based
  4. Click on Pick One, then select the family's name
  5. Click PDF
  6. If you need to download the Year End Statements for all families, choose Year End Statement (All) in step 3
Note: If the student attended school during the first half of the calendar year, but did not return for the next school year, the YES statement will be found in the Year End Statements (All) reports.
For example, the student attended 2016-2017 school year, but did not return for 2017-2018. The family requested the YES for calendar year 2017: 
  1. Click on the 2017-2018 school year
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Under Statements on the right, select Year End Statement (All)
  4. Run the document in PDF for a print out
  5. Click Ctrl F on your keyboard, then type in the last name of the family or student to find the family
  6. All payments made in 2017 will be reflected on the report