Error Mismatched Number of Parameters Passed to Routine gui system dbattach p 3234 when Upgrading FIMS using the Setup exe

When upgrading FIMS using the setup.exe, the following errors can occur:

Error: Mismatched number of parameters passed to routine gui/system/dbattach.p. (3234)
FIMS Database Selection: "Unable to connect to database found"

This typically occurs when upgrading from 14.10 to 14.50 using the setup.exe.
This can occur due to the dbattach.p file being missing before the upgrade takes place. If this error does occur complete the following steps:

1. Due to the error not being able to be cleared, you will need to first uninstall using the remove option of the setup.exe
2. Before re-running the setup.exe do the following:
  • Check to see if \npo\found\fims\gui\system\dbattach.r exists
  • If it does not exist go in FIMS to Tools | System Utilities | Admin Utilities | FIMS Compiler.  Chose Files radio set, enter gui\system\dbattach.p, and click compile

3. After this completes re-run the 14.50 setup.exe to upgrade.



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