To run a payment report:
  1. Login to
  2. Select the applicable school year
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, under Dashboards and select Payments
  4. Use the filter options for specific searches
  5. Click Export to run the report in Excel
  6. If you only want to view the list, you can expand the records up to 100 at the bottom page.
Note: The total at the bottom adds all the payment amounts. It does not subtract failed payments. You may use the All dropdown to filter out the failed payments.

The following are the descriptions of the headings:
  1. Family ID - Smart Family ID
  2. Family Name
  3. Posted - This is the date the payment was posted to the account. It may not be the date received.
  4. Success - Date the payment was deemed successful
  5. Transferred - Date the payment was remitted to your school
  6. Account Info - How the payment was made
    1. Automatic
    2. In-School
    3. Invoice Payment - wire, check, money order, online bill pay, cash payment
    4. Phone
    5. Web
    6. Late Fee Credit - if a late fee was paid then reversed
    7. Bank Fee Credit - if a bank fee was paid then reversed
  7. Amount
  8. Status
    1. Ready - payment was just received
    2. Voided - payment was cancelled/voided
    3. In Process - waiting for confirmation from the bank
    4. Settled - payment was remitted to your school
    5. Failed - payment was not successfully processed
    6. Success - payment was successful and waiting for remitting to your school