There may be times when a payment is missing or has not been applied to a family's account. The reason could be due to no account number included on the wire transfer or check or it may have been inadvertently applied to the wrong account.

All payments received at Smart Tuition are processed. If it cannot be determined which account it should be applied, we will still process the payment. 

If the family advises that the payment has not been cashed, we ask that you give the payment more time to be received and processed. Generally, 30 days is recommended from the time the payment is mailed. We cannot search for a payment that has not been cashed.

If the family advises the check was cashed or that they received a wire transfer confirmation, we will require a copy of the front and back of the check or a copy of the wire transfer. The family can submit the copy to: They must include their name and the Smart Family ID on all correspondence.

You can also submit the copies through Case Central for further research. Again, please include the family's name and the Smart Family ID.