Cannot Select Affiliation Code in the Affiliation Code Mass Add Tool

When selecting an affiliation code in the Affiliation Code Mass Add Tool the code selected does not appear in the drop down and the message, "Le controle n'a pas fenetre parente" occurs. 
This is a known Citrix issue where the user is not able to use their mouse to click and select menu items or items in a combo box documented here:

The solution is to upgrade to the latest Citrix Receiver, you will need to un-install the current version from Control Panel\Programs and Features and then install the newest version located here:

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Steps to Duplicate

1.  Go to File Maintenance\Affiliation Code Mass Add
2.  In the First Affiliation Code drop down field select a code
3.  Note that the affiliation code selected does not populate the drop down field
4.  Note that the error "Le controle n'a pas fenetre parente" will intermittently occur after.



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