Constituent contact information copies automatically to spouse when adding a new Constituent spouse from the Relationships window

When a new Constituent is added from the Relationships window and the Marriage life settings are set to not update any information on the spouse record, the contact  information from the original Constituent copies to the spouse.
Instead of adding the new spouse through the relationships tab, add a new constituent record, then link them with a relationship, and the address information will not copy.
  1. From Constituents, click Add an individual.
  2. Enter the spouse information.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Go to the Relationships tab.
  5. Click Add Individual.
  6. Search for the related spouse
  7. Choose relationship types of Spouse
  8. Mark the box "This is the spouse relationship"
  9. Click Save.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Constituents section and add a new Constituent record with address, phone, and email address information
2. Go back to the main Constituents section and select Life changes
3. From the Marriage tab, select Edit next to the Global rules option and unmark the box to Change marital status
4. Save this change and select Edit next to Options for married constituents
5. Unmark all of the boxes to update information and save this change
6. Open the Constituent record from step 1 and go to the Relationships tab
7. Select the option to add an Individual relationship and select the option to add a new Constituent from the Constituent search field
8. Add the new Constituent here, choose relationship types of Spouse, mark the box to save this is a Spouse relationship, and save this change
9. Open the Constituent record for the newly added Spouse and go to the Contact tab
10. Note that the Contact information from the Constituent in step 1 has been copied to the spouse


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