What is a Summary Report in Smart Aid?

How do we review the totals and amounts for the families that have submitted applications?
The Summary Report is designed to be a thorough collection of data for the school to use as a tool when making financial aid award decisions.  Please see attached document for definitions of all fields included in the report.

To generate and view the report:
1.  Click on the Reports tab.
2.  Click on the green Generate Reports button in the upper right to view report drop-down, and choose Summary Report by Name or by Need.  (Name will list the students in order by student name, need will list the students in order by demonstrated need.)
3.  Once the report is chosen, it will appear in the ongoing reports list on the main Reports page.  Watch the Status column, and it will begin at Scheduled to Run, followed by Report Ready.
4.  When the report is ready, choose to view in Excel or PDF using the appropriate icon in the Formats column.
Note:  The report runs in real time. Each time a report is viewed the data will the same as it was when the report was last run.  It is recommended to run the report new every time it is needed to ensure the most up-to-date data is included.
  Summary Report Guide 2017.pdf

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