There are three types of user roles in Smart Aid:  Read Only, School User, and Advanced School User. 
  • Advanced School User will have access to everything in the system 
  • Regular School User will have access to most everything with the exception of a few options in Families and Settings. 
  • Read-only School User will not be able to access most sections, and the sections that they do have access to will be read-only; they cannot make any edits. 
For a more detailed Break down what the Roles can access, please refer to the Attached PDF. 

To access user roles and adjust the access for a User:
  1. Hover over Settings and choose Manage Users.
  2. For an existing user, click on the blue pencil button in the Edit column.
  3. Click the drop down for Access Roles and choose the appropriate selection.

If the user is not yet in the account, click the green Add button in the upper right corner, and choose the Access Role during set up.