Families can make payments towards balances on previous school years. In order to be sure their payment is applied appropriately, they must:
  •  provide the correct Family ID on their payment for the applicable school year when mailing a check or when calling the parent support center at: 888-868-8828. For example, if they are paying a balance on 2017-2018, their Family ID should have 17 after the school ID (1234517000011).          
  • select the correct school year online at: parent.smarttuition.com.
  • school year
  • send separate checks for different school years with the correct Family ID. We cannot automatically split a payment between school years.
Schools can apply in-school payments to prior years. 

Keep in mind that we will not bill the family after the last due date. If they received follow up fees and they were not waived, we will email and phone the family for one year after their last due date, advising of the overdue balance.
Note: Payments applied to past school years will show as a separate deposit in your bank. Funds will be deposited on the regular remittance dates.  The Amount Transferred  report will provide the totals for the deposit.