The file upload size limit for Altru is actually 665.6 MB or 0.6656 GB.
Therefore, a file can have any number of lines in an import, so long as the size does not reach above that limit.

To get these files into Altru, we would follow standard Import procedures:
  1. Go to Administration>Import.
  2. Click Add at the top. Expand the appropriate file and double click the proper Batch Template to be used.
  3. Name the Import Process.
  4. At the bottom where it says 'File:' click the green arrow and select the file you'd like to import into Altru.
  5. Click the Map Fields tab, and select the fields from the import file that match the fields in Altru. If all fields share the same name, click Auto-map at the top of the chart.
Note: Some fields are Collection Fields, meaning they can have more than one value imported. To map these, click Collection Field... next to the batch column name and click Map Collection Field. Then, we'd map them the same way as other fields and choose how many values we are importing.
  1. Click the Set Options tab and make sure to set all values to best suit your import.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Once saved, click the name of the import process and then click Start Process at the top left.
  4. This will create a Batch. Click the Batch number next to 'Batch Created:' to view the batch.
  5. Make sure the values lined up correctly. Then, exit the batch and click Commit Batch at the top left.