Error Submit Form Failed when Attempting in Submit a Recommendation in DC NXT

When attempting to submit a recommendation in DC NXT, the following error can occur, "Submit Form Failed". This occurs when making the CharityEIN field required on the recommendation form and the recommendation was for an existing grantee.
This occurs due to the CharityEIN field not being visible on the recommendation form when creating one for an existing grantee. This field only appears for new grantees and so the required marking of the field can cause issues with recommendations to existing grantees.

The solution to this is to mark any fields within the New Charity section that are hidden as required. To do that complete the following"

1. Go to the Text Field Component\Validation section and check the check box for Required.

2. If the field is hidden, an additional step needs to be taken: Be sure that the conditional attribute is not effective when the charity is not new. This will ensure that for new grantees the Charity Number can now be marked as required.



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