Donations declined when using valid credit cards

Donors and staff are unable to submit credit card donations. We've tried submitting transactions on different workstations, in different environments and with unique, valid credit cards. Why are these transactions being declined?
If a transaction is declined by the Merchant Account, the gateway result code will display the rejection code. For additional details about why a particular card was declined, search for the transaction in the payment gateway.
If you are unable to locate the transaction, it did not hit the payment gateway.
  1. Edit the part that is declining transactions, and make note of the Merchant Account selected 
  2. Navigate to Administration > Merchant Accounts
  • If the Merchant Account selected on your part is not displayed, it has been deleted. When submitting a transaction to a Merchant Account that has been deleted, the transaction will be declined. To resolve, re-add the Merchant Account or change the Merchant Account selected on the part.
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