What are the online re-enrollment instructions for parents?

We want our returning families to process their own re-enrollment, so they can make changes to their contact or bank information or add another student.
Returning families can quickly and easily process their re-enrollment through the enrollment website: https://enrollwithsmart.com. Attached are the instructions in English. We also have the instructions in Spanish under the ?Help > Resources tab when you login to: https://school.smarttuition.com

You may print the instructions to hand out to your families or you may save the PDF and attach in an email.

Please do not use these instructions for new families. New family enrollment instructions can also be found under the ?Help > Resources tab.

Please contact  Blackbaud Smart Tuition to be sure your school settings allow for online enrollment/re-enrollment.

Note: Do not manually move the 2018-2019 accounts out of the Re-Enroll Enrollment folder. Once the family processes their re-enrollment, the account will be place in the Parent Registration folder. If there is a re-enrollment or registration fee due at the time of re-enrollment, then their account will go right to the Active folder so the payment can process.

If your families have any questions regarding the enrollment site, they may contact our Parent Help Center  at (888) 868-8828.

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