Do you also have Spanish online re-enrollment instructions for parents?

You may also want to offer our online re-enrollment instructions in Spanish. 
NOTE : Attached is the online Re-enrollment instructions for RETURNING families in SPANISH. 


Welcome! To re-enroll online with Smart Tuition, please follow these instructions:

1. ONLINE RE-ENROLLMENT Visit: Enter your existing USERNAME and PASSWORD under the “I have a Smart Login from last year” and click the find my account button.

2. REVIEW YOUR ACCOUNT Enter your identifying information and review the account details that you want for the upcoming year.

3. SECTION 1 – WHO WILL PAY? Review the parent, guardian, or bill payer’s contact information. Please verify your telephone number and email address as Smart Tuition regularly communicates important information about your account via telephone and email. Please update the information if necessary.

4. SECTION 2 – WHO WILL ATTEND? Review the names and grades of the children who will attend the school. If you have additional children attending the school this year, you may add them to this section at this time.

5. SECTION 3 – HOW & WHEN TO PAY? Review the payment plans offered by your school and choose one. The plans listed are selected by your school and cannot be changed by Smart Tuition. Select your preferred payment method and due date from the options offered by your school.

6. SECTION 4 – SUBMIT Review Smart Tuition’s terms and conditions. Click SUBMIT ENROLLMENT to complete your online enrollment.

7. CONFIRMATION Upon online enrollment completion, a confirmation page will display and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

 ACCOUNT ACTIVATION Once your school has reviewed and activated your account, you will receive an email with login instructions. To view your balance, make payments, update your personal information, or chat with a live representative, access your Smart Tuition account at

The Smart Tuition program manages tuition payments and follows the policies established at the school. Decisions regarding tuition amounts, tuition aid, scholarships, and all other tuition-related items are made by your school.

We look forward to working with you and your family this year! Our Parent Help Center is available 24 hours per day. Families can access their accounts to check balances and make payments. Call us at (888) 868-8828.

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