• If the Smart Tuition integration was in use last year, the parent will automatically be recognized and they will not need to enter (or know) their Smart login credentials.
  • If the school used the SSO (spreadsheet enrollment) last year AND the parent logged in using the SSO, they will not need to enter their login credentials.
  • If the school used spreadsheet enrollment and the parent did not use the SSO and chose to continue accessing Smart with their login credentials instead of the SSO (resource board), they will need to access the SSO and enter their credentials.
  • If the school is NEW to both Enrollment Management and Smart, parents will say “no” to the question of “do you have a Smart account at your school?” and have an account created for them.
  • If the school is new to the integration and/or SSO, but parents have existing Smart accounts they will enter their credentials the first time they encounter the contract and be linked going forward.
  • If the contract requires two signers, the SSO automatically links for both of them.
  • If the contract only requires one signer, the SSO should automatically link for the second parent as well.