The two Additional Tuition Options are used when making a payment plan change or when a new family is starting after the initial enrollment. 

Apply Late Enrollment Front-Load Rule:
  • If the account is new, this rule will apply 2 month's of  billing items in the first billed month. For example, if the account was entered in March but will not start billing until April, then selecting Apply Late Enrollment Front-Load Rule will double up the charge in the first billing month (April). See the example below.
Apply Late Enrollment Rule
  • If you are changing the plan after the first few months that have already been billed, front loading will take the past due amounts and place them all in the first month of the new plan. 
Late Enrollment Front-Load Rule

Override Late Enrollment Settings:
  • This option will determine the first month of the plan. When selected, it will start in the current month and billing will be applied equally over the months. You will have to contact us if it is past the due date.
Override Options
  • When neither option is selected, the plan will start in the following month and billing will be spread over the plan evenly. This is usually the best option.
No rules
  • When both options are selected, the plan will start in the current month and the billing will be front-loaded.both rules
Some things to consider:
  • We want families to receive their invoice prior to their first due date. Starting in the current month may not allow ample time for the families to receive their invoice or make a payment.
  • If the family is using automatic debit, the plan should be activated least 3-5 business days prior to the due date. Again, we want to allow time for families to know the amount to be withdrawn.
  • If the family made their first payment in school, then front-loading and overriding the payment plan is acceptable.
  • You may use the Distribution Type drop down, if applicable, to apply the billing in certain months. You may not change the amounts. Adjustments to the amount must be handled in Edit Billing Details.