If you receive this error when opening Accounts Payable module in GIFTS/GIFTS Alta, we recommend taking the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Please make sure all users are out of GIFTS.

2. Create a back up of the gifts.mdb in case there is an issue when running the utility. To do this, simply right-click the .mdb > Click Copy > Right-click the white-space in the same folder > Click Paste, the file saves as GIFTS - Copy.mdb

3. Go the GIFTS directory and locate the GFWDBM Utility and double click on it to open it > GIFTS login pops up > log in as the Admin user or a user with Admin privileges > Click OK

4. Select Repair/Compact > Click OK > a message will come up stating that GIFTS has located a backup file > Delete it? > Click “YES” > Utility will run.

5. GIFTS Database Maintenance Tool message will pop up stating the repair and compact ran successfully > Click OK