Recurring Gift payment from Luminate Online does not apply to existing Recurring Gift in Raiser's Edge

When a Sustaining Gift is created in Luminate Online, it creates a corresponding Recurring Gift in Raiser's Edge.  Each payment is charged in Luminate, and the payment gift comes over into the RELO plugin and links to the recurring gift.  However, some users may note that on sometimes a recurring payment will come over that does not automatically link to the original recurring gift, but rather creates a stand-alone cash gift.
This issue can occur when a gift is incorrectly converted from a Recurring Gift to a Cash gift in Batch before saving and committing to the constituent record. This can also occur if the original recurring/sustaining gift did not get created via the RELO integration (i.e. the gift was created before RELO was implemented or created directly in Raiser's Edge). Changing the gift type in batch can have a negative impact on all subsequent payments including downloading with the incorrect record type or removing all payment links to the Recurring gift record. Depending on the state of the gift records in Raiser's Edge users can attempt to manually resolve the subsequent records.

Manually link the cash gift to the recurring gift in Batch:
  1. Process the transaction from the RELO plugin into Batch
  2. Click the beginning of the line to select the gift.
  3. Click Gift > Apply to > Recurring gift
  4. Mark the Pay? checkbox for the Recurring Gift
  5. Click OK
  6. Validate and commit the batch as usual


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