How can I create a one time FIMS Database Backup?

I would like to create a backup for the FIMS database, how can I do that?
To create a FIMS backup, you can run the following Progress tool. You should still have your scheduled backups in place though, see the following article for creating scheduled backups:
1. Go Start\all Programs\OpenEdge
2. Click and open the Proenv tool
3. Change the prompt to be able to see what folder you are currently in using the following command:  Prompt ProEnv $p$g
You will then see what folder you are currently in. FIMS may be located in a different path on your machine other than C drive:

4. Change to the dbfiles folder. Using cd command for example: Cd d:\npo\found\dbfiles  (the drive letter of course will be different for each customer)
Can also use cd /d if changing the directory and disk. For example, if in c:\program files, can use cd /d d:\npo.

5. Make a backup of the live FIMS database using the following command:
Probkup online found ..\dbbackup\found-backupfilename.bkp

Double check in the dbbackup folder that the backup was created




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