We change the enrollment year to the upcoming school year sometime in the fall. This is due to early registrations. If you have ongoing enrollment  for the current school year, then you may contact us and we will change the enrollment year to the current session. Be sure to let us know when you close the current year's enrollment so we can switch to the upcoming school year.

When a family enrolls in the wrong school year, you can transfer the family's information into the current school year by:
  1. Take a screenshot of the family information page on the existing account.
  2. Go to the Enrollment tab > Add a New Family screen
  3. Copy and paste the family's information into the Add a New Family enrollment form
  4. Transfer all information*
  5. Skip section 4 - For School Use Only
  6. Mark Enroll Later
  7. Mark the box for I understand...
  8. Click Submit
*Note: If the family selected Automatic Debit payment method, this information cannot be transferred. If you have their bank or credit card account, then you can enter it. Otherwise, you will need to select Mail-in payment method. Once the account is activated, advise the family to go online to Parent.smarttuition.com, to change the method to Automatic Debit and enter their bank account or credit card.
If the account has a payment that needs transferred, please contact support. We will need the following:
  1. The Family ID where the payment was applied
  2. The Payment ID found on the Payment Details
  3. The Family ID or school year to apply the payment
After the account is all set up and the payment(s) transferred, zero out all billing, then delete or deactivate the account in the wrong school year.  The family will have a new Smart Family ID. They will receive a Welcome Email with instructions for logging into their account, once activated.