1. Whatever page you are on in Smart Tuition if you scroll to the bottom and click "Manage Groups" under the BNGN sections
  2. Click "Create New Group"
  3. On this pop up you can create the name of the group. IE. If it's athletic shirts you would title it "Hockey Team T-shirts"
  4. Underneath that there is a list of items in the box on the left, you want to click Add on the applicable items bringing them to the right box. You can also use the search function above this to search for an item easily.
  5. The next question asks if you want purchasers to be able to invite friends and family.  By leaving this button alone it remains off.  If you click it, this toggles it on.
  6. The next section "Email Addresses To Bcc Payment Confirmation" will email anyone added here a receipt confirmation of purchases within the group.
This creates the URL and Embed code for this group and it is now ready to be distributed.