1. After logging into Smart Tuition hover over the reports tab and Select "Create a New Custom Report"
  2. On this page you will see different categories, for green invoicing you want to click the second option "All Families"
  3. On this page you will be given 2 fields sections that you want to select the ones you want to appear on this report.  Typically Family Name, Student Name, Account Status, Smart Family ID & Green Invoice Status will give you the exact criteria.
  4. Once you have selected applicable fields click the next button
  5. **This step is optional** On the next page you will see Report Criteria.  Here you can set values to match specific criteria.  Typically with Green Invoicing you want to click the "Equal To" button next to Account Status and click into the text box so you get a pop up.  Within this pop up select Active and click OK
  6. On the final step fill out the Report Name and you can fill out the "Describe Report" box
  7. Once this is completed click Save and then you can download it.
After creating this report to access it again, hover over the Reports tab and click "Saved Custom Reports."  Here you will be able to download this report whenever necessary.