How do I set up Enrollment deposit fee?

You can charge an enrollment deposit upon enrollment with to your families
NOTE: Fees will be due upon enrollment and the family will not be able to finalize enrollment without paying. We can set up coupon codes for you to offer to the families who need to bypass the fee ( pay in school, faculty etc.)

How to create an Enrollment fee : 
  1. Hover over the Fees & Discounts tab
  2. Click on Manage Fees & Discounts
  3. Click on the Enrollment Fees tab
  4. Click Add New Enrollment Fee +
  5. Fill out the fee name, and indicate if family or student based.
  6. Leave due in first month.
  7. Enter amount due
TIP : We always suggest testing your enrollment settings at to see the process and confirm your setup. The account can be deleted after ( close out before paying fee , or use coupon code). 

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