To run an A/R billing report :
  1. Hover over the Reports tab
  2. Click "Static reports"
  3. Visit the Acrual category
  4. Click on the A/R billing report
  5. You can choose to see either student or family based ( depending on the detail or type of fee you want to review). 
  6. You can choose either detail or summary. This will either show the amounts applied in the date range by family or student, or a summary total by billing item. 
  7. Choose additional columns if needed. 
  8. Choose a date range to view the static changes to billing in that date range. 
NOTE : For any billing total review added in your current school year, we suggest running a date range of the prior year : Ex 1/1/17 - tomorrows date. 
For review of a billing upload applied, run from the date completed, through tomorrows date.