Error Statement Data File Name is Invalid when Exporting out Fund Statement

When exporting out a fund statement the error, "Statement Data File Name is Invalid". This error occurs for clients on HostNet who are still using the local N drive for their export files rather than the shared S drive on HostNet. The local mapped N drive is a remnant from when FIMS was self-hosted on the client's own server. When client's move to HostNet typically the S drive on HostNet is used going forward.
If you are hosted on HostNet now but were previously self-hosted and still use your local N mapped drive for your exports, the issue is caused by HostNet not being able to see the mapped N drive. Typically most customers using HostNet will have converted over to using the shared S HostNet drive for merges, but some customers keep the old N mapped drive to their old self-hosted server, which is fine, you just have to give HostNet permission to the drive:

You may see this in your export setup to export out to the N drive, which is fine to use this way ( \\client\n$\[PATH]). You will notice the error message, "Statement Data File Name is Invalid" if HostNet does not have permission to the N drive. This will be evidenced by clicking the Browse button, if the N drive does not show in the list, that means that HostNet does not have permission to the N drive:

To fix that, log into HostNet, and click on My Files. You will see a prompt to open it which you will click on, you will also see a series of boxes popping up to allow all access, click on any boxes that come up and allow full access and when you go back to the export and re-try the error should be gone. Also, you will note if you click on the Browse button in the export window the N drive should now be visible. You may have to do this each time when logging into HostNet to grant permission.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Reports\General Ledger\Fund Statements Export
2. Click Run Report to export out the desired statement
3. See error occur.



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