When a family cancels or withdraws prior to the beginning of the school year, their account is usually deactivated. If they decide to return to the school, you can reactivate the account.  The family does not have to create a new account.

Once the account is reactivated, you will need to make the following updates:
  1. Change student's grade
  2. Turn on the Follow Up Service 
  3. Refresh or change payment plan (if applicable)
  4. Enter the billing items through Edit Billing Detail

Note: The payment method will default to invoicing, regardless if the account was previously set up for automatic debit. This is due to PCI compliance regulations. Bank information cannot be retrieved, once the account is deactivated. If the family wants the automatic debit payment method, they will need to make the update in the parent website (https://parent.smarttuition.com) or you may switch the family back to automatic debit from invoice.