Error: Type mismatch when loading constituent records from Raiser's Edge onto Project record

Users may receive the the error: Type mismatch when loading Raiser's Edge's constituent records onto Project records in General Ledger for selected constituent records.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.  If you are experiencing this issue, click Chat with Support, reference this article, and provide the following information so we can assist you:
  • A copy of your Financial Edge and Raiser's Edge database may be needed
  • Please include a list of specific constituent records that cause the error.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate In General Ledger:

1. Open a Project record.
2. On the Projects tab next to New contact click the down arrow and select to Load Raiser''s Edge constituent
3. Search for affected constituent record and click to open the record.  The error occurs


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