The following is an overview for schools new to Blackbaud Smart Tuition.

Within a week of signing your contract with Blackbaud Smart Tuition, you will be contacted by an Implementation Consultant to welcome you to Blackbaud Smart Tuition. Your Implementation Consultant will be your main contact during the initial set up stage. He or she will work hard to ensure that you and your payers are successful in using Blackbaud Smart Tuition for tuition, fee billing, and payment processing.

Your Implementation Consultant will call to discuss details about setting up your: school, payment plans, due dates, the payment methods you want to accept and the enrollment process.

We will need your school's bank account information to send you remittances for the tuition and fees we collect on your school's behalf. Project Managers will be presenting this document to your school during the introduction call with your Implementation Consultant. In your early conversations with your Project Manager/Implementation Consultant, please be sure to provide your banking information to us.

It is important that you introduce Blackbaud Smart Tuition and its many benefits to your payers. Three to four months before your first due date is a good time for you to send information to your payers. We can provide a letter for you to customize and place on your school letterhead to send to your payers to announce your partnership with Blackbaud Smart Tuition.

Best business practices suggest having all payers enrolled 60 days prior to your first due date. We recommend you set an enrollment deadline before the end of your school year to reduce the need to follow up with enrollees.

Invoices are sent electronically. Invoices go out approximately 20 days before each due date. Reminders for automatic debit payers are sent via email approximately 10 days before the account debit.

Once your school is implemented and you have login credentials, your staff that will be using Blackbaud Smart Tuition should take training. Training is accessed on the administrator dashboard page. Look for the area titled Training Classes on the lower right side of the screen. To begin, "Introduction to Blackbaud Smart Tuition" is a great first session.