Enrollment Methods
There are three ways for your payers to enroll in Blackbaud Smart Tuition:
  1. Payer online self-enrollment at https://enrollwithsmart.com
  2. API Connection /  Integration with Blackbaud onBoard or other enrollment services
  3. Spreadsheet enrollment.
Payer Online Self-Enrollment
We will provide information and instructions to your school to have payers go online to complete their Blackbaud Smart Tuitionenrollment at https://enrollwithsmart.com. This is the most popular method of enrolling students.

API Connection / Integration
Our system easily connects to Blackbaud's onBoard enrollment module. With onBoard, your school can have a complete enrollment site including applications, contracts and progress checklists. From the onBoard online contract, a payer can select a Blackbaud Smart Tuition payment plan and pay any registration fees due.

Spreadsheet Enrollment
Your school provides payer demographic information on our Excel template. The information is uploaded and an email is sent to each payer to complete and confirm enrollment. It is important for you to complete the spreadsheet with the most accurate available information; if not, it may cause additional time in manipulating changes. This may slow down the enrollment process.