We want your enrollment to be a smooth process. The following enrollment practices will help ensure you and your payers have the information they need.

Administrative Fee Disclosure
Your school can choose to tell your payers about Blackbaud Smart Tuition's administrative fee or not. The decision to disclose makes a significant impact on how our program is received. You know best how your payers will react to a fee. When explained, most payers understand that there is a cost for bookkeeping, invoicing, follow up services, processing and collecting tuition and fees.

If your payers will be paying, our administraive fees are collected at the time of enrollment or at the time of the first payment; this depends upon your enrollment process and how you choose to set up the program.

Communicate to Payers about Blackbaud Smart Tuition
We suggest you communicate to your payers about the decision to use Blackbaud Smart Tuition. Details about the process your school plans to follow are  important to share. For Example, some schools willl use a paperless online enrollment solution like onBoard that automates the contract and includes payment choices within the process. Other schools may just have payers go online to enroll with Blackbaud Smart Tuition. Once your enrollment method and dates are determined, be sure you let your payers know.

Give Payers an Enrollment Due Date
Give your payers a deadline for the completion of enrollment. Ideally, that date will be 60 days prior to your first due date. If your first due date is July 1, enrollment should be completed any time before May1. At the latest, enrollment need to be in our system 20 days prior to the due date.

Provide Blackbaud Smart Tuition with Tuition, Fees and Discount Information
We can collect and track ancillary fees and discounts for your school. It is important that you set up your fees and discounts in your school settings at the beginning of each school year before invoicing begins.

Late Enrollments
You need to decide how to handle your late enrollments. There are several options:

  1. Add the missed payment amount to the next billed month on the plan 

  2. Collect the first month's tuition at your school and use our "Add a Payment" function to record it on the payer account.

  3. Spread any missed payments across the remaining payments in the plan. (Monthly payment will be higher.)

  4. School could request an additional paymentplan specifically for late enrollees.

Re-enrollment online is quick and easy. Schools include re-enrollment information about Blackbaud Smart Tuition in registration packets for returning payers. We suggest you take our training session on re-enrollment as you plan for registration. Each year, your new payers will need instructions on how to enroll online.

Approximately 30 days after your session start date, we recommend you check the Blackbaud Smart Tuition Enrollment Report against your school's attendance/registration records so that all tuition, fees and disocunt are being applied and collected.
Check Attendance Roster with Blackbaud Smart Tuition Enrollments

​When you accept late enrollments and first payments, please remember to include the Blackbaud Smart TuitionAdministrative Fee in the first payment if you are disclosing the fee to the payers.