Interactions page is missing fields when viewed from the browse query results function

When viewing a completed interaction record via browsing the results from an Steps/Interactions ad-hoc query, you might notice that fields are missing.
The reason we see a difference here is because the user is viewing different interaction pages.  When users browse to a constituent and view interactions they're using the ‘Constituent Interactions Page’ whereas in query the user is specifically selecting the ‘Interactions Page’.  

Steps to Duplicate

1) From a constituent record, go to a completed interaction.
2) Notice that the fields: Subcategory, Contact method, Event, Expected start time, Actual start time, Expected end time, Actual end time, Time zone, and Location are present on the page.
3) Make a Steps/Interactions ad-hoc query containing only that interaction.
4) Go to Preview results > Browse [Query Results] > Interaction page
5) Notice that the fields above are missing.


 Blackbaud CRM

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