Nothing happens when submitting journal entry batch using excel add-in

After entering data in Excel and clicking Submit, nothing is entered in FE NXT and there is no reaction or error in excel.
Remove the Journal Entry Add-in application from FE NXT and add it back in. 

To Remove the Add-in:
  1. In FE NXT, go to Control Panel > Applications > Connected apps
  2. Click Disconnect  under the Journal Entry Excel Add-in.
To Add the add-in back:
  1. In Control Panel > Applications > Available apps > click Connect under Journal Entry Excel Add-in.
  2. Enter the application ID for the Excel Add-in if prompted (2b3bce1f-6589-499c-919c-c6273ad016a3)

Steps to Duplicate

Enter data into Excel using the Journal Entry add-in
Enter a description in the blackbaud sidebar on the right.
Click Submit
Nothing happens

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