Generate sign-up request for constituent previously linked as non-constituent spouse

A donor is linked as a non-constituent spouse in The Raiser's Edge. The donor and constituent are no longer in a relationship, but since they shared a record in The Raiser's Edge, they also share a user name in NetCommunity.

The non-constituent relationship is changed to a constituent record in RE, but what needs to be done to generate a sign-up request in the BBNC plugin, in order to link the donor with the new constituent record?

NetCommunity does not have non-constituent records in the way that Raiser's Edge tracks non-constituent relationships. The donor's new constituent record must be linked to a new user in NetCommunity. 

To add the user in BBNC, there are a couple of options:
  • Ask the donor to fill out a New User Registration. A sign-up request will generate in the BBNC plugin of RE. When processing the transaction, link the new user to the constituent record.
  • Alternatively, create a new user on behalf of the donor. In order to link to the constituent record in RE, the new user would need to be deleted and then restored in order to link the user to the constituent record in RE.
Note: If the donor gave a gift while logged into BBNC under the ex-spouse's user name, move the gift in RE. 

It is not recommended for spouses to share a user name in NetCommunity. If both spouses have a relationship with the organization, they should each have their own constituent record and user name.
​See: How to determine if a spouse or other relationship or participant should have its own constituent record

Steps to Duplicate

Donor logs into BBNC, but sees information for ex-spouse. When making a donation, ex-spouse is credited in RE.

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