This exception may occur when the Federal Tax table does not contain all necessary GL Distribution accounts. Each section within the GL Distribution window must be filled in with 1 or more accounts (or account codes). In some cases, as section may require not just a debit account, but a credit account as well.

1. In Payroll > Configuration > Taxes > open the current Federal Tax Table
2. Click the GL Distribution button
3. On the left, highlight each section going down, ensuring that on the right, an account code or full account is filled in. 
*In some sections, the "Distribution" field at the top will have 2 sections: 1 Debit and 1 Credit where both must be filled in
4. If not, fill in an appropriate account code or account
5. Repeat until all sections are complete
6. Click Ok
7. Save and close the tax
8. Process payroll