This error message can occur when you attempt to validate or commit an enhanced revenue batch that includes an other payment method but there is no other payment method type field in your batch template. You can resolve this issue by adding the field into your batch template:
  1. Click Revenue > batch entry > batch templates
  2. Click the arrow next to the batch template > click edit
  3. Click on the select fields and defaults tab
  4. Search for the "other type" field and make sure it's in the list of selected fields
    1. To add a field to the selected fields list click on the field in the left column under Available field options
    2. Click the arrow pointing right to add that field to the selected fields section
  5. Once the field is under the selected fields list click on it and make sure the hidden checkbox is unmarked
  6. User-added image
  7. Click save to save the template.
To adjust the fields of a batch that has already been created open the batch and click the customize fields button at the top under configuration. This will allow you to unmark the hidden checkbox for the other type field